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Music Producer & Disc Jockey

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By blending electronic music with layers of ambient synth and intricate baselines, Revero evokes enchantment for his listeners. He creates a unique listening experience by harnessing wanderlust coalesced with percussive beats, with the feeling of being loved, and walking the path of spirituality, into his music. Producing music as a form of self expression, he often incorporates the element of storytelling and aims to blur the line between fiction and reality, by transporting his audience to another world. Following the likes of musical luminaries Alan Walker and Martin Garrix, Revero hopes to headline dance floor stomping festivals, and tour across the world. Music has been his source of comfort and contentment and he strives to conjure the same atmosphere through his craft. His ability to merge unexpected fusions of music with his candid storytelling is a testament to his distinctiveness as an artist.

DJ on the Set

Originals & mixtapes

Check out my latest releases & mixtapes below.

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